Welcome to Keysurf

On arrival at your new accommodation, we can have you online in no time.

Home from home broadband

Your broadband experience at uni should feel no different from that which you get at home. Just connect to the network once per device and then forget it's there!

Keysurf delivers superfast speeds to all your devices with zero restrictions, so you can enjoy unlimited downloads*, with no caps or speed limits.

For your convenience, you can connect in the following ways, depending upon the accommodation you're in:


A fixed wired connection for use with an Ethernet cable.


A shared wireless network for all Wi-Fi enabled devices.


A Wi-Fi router for your own personal, private network.

NOTE: The speed of service will vary from site to site, subject to the requirements of the accommodation provider. Speeds can also vary depending on a number of factors, including the device you're using, and the way you connect to our network. Typically, Wi-Fi connections, while being super convenient, are not the best if you want superfast downloads. Talk to us for more information.

* See our Acceptable Use Policy.


Wireless access in public spaces

When you're out and about around campus, wouldn't it be great to have internet access on all your devices, just like back in your room?

With Keysurf, you can.

Where available. Check with your accommodation provider for details.


Live TV over the network

Most of our users subscribe to a TV streaming service, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

You can also, of course, connect to on demand services like BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub.

But if you're looking for a no nonsense, TV service on your mobile or laptop, look no further than Keysurf TV.

A TV Licence is required.


Pay as you go phone service

With our Voice over IP service, you can use an in-room handset (where available) to dial the outside world, potentially saving you £s.

Where available. Check with your accommodation provider for details.

24/7 Support

Customer Care can be reached at any time by phone, email, Twitter or Facebook.